In March 1877, the first game in the game’s oldest format, test cricket, was played. As a result, it remains the most popular format among gamers. Every player in red-ball cricket wants to represent his country. This format is still used after more than 150 years. And due of its vast history, it has had several ups and downs.

The fact that it is the most difficult format for the players to accomplish is one of the main reasons it is called a “Test.” However, a select few players have undoubtedly perfected the strategy to endure in this format over time. The hitter who reached 1,000 runs in the history of this format the quickest will be discussed below.

Top 5 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

1. Herbert Sutcliffe (England) – 12 Innings

The legendarily fast 1000-run record holder in testing, Herbert Sutcliffe of England, is at the top of the tree. Sutcliffe played 54 games after making his debut in June 1924 against South Africa. His 4555 runs were scored at a 60.73 average and included 16 centuries and 23 half-centuries. Sutcliffe needed 12 innings to score 1000 runs in tests.

Top 5 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

2. Everton Weekes (West Indies) – 12 Innings

Early on in the history of cricket, West Indies was the most dominant team. They controlled the game in both the test and ODI formats. The reason for this is that they had some elite players. Everton Weekes, the great batter who holds the record for being one of the players to reach 1000 test runs the fastest, was one of them. He only needed a year to reach this accomplishment. During his 48 red-ball games, Weekes amassed 4455 runs at an average of 58.61. He added 15 centuries and 19 half-centuries to his total.

Top 5 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

3. Don Bradman (Australia) – 13 Innings

In cricket, there aren’t many records that this man doesn’t own. The best cricketer to ever be born was Don Bradman. The legendary Australian player made it to 1000 runs in a test the second-fastest. He only needed 13 innings to make his debut in November 1928. Bradman scored 6996 runs at an amazing average of 99.94 while playing 52 tests for Australia. He recorded 13 half-centuries and 29 centuries.

Top 5 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

4. Neil Harvey (Australia) – 14 Innings

Former Australian cricketer Neil Harvey was another player to score 1,000 runs in a test in his 14th inning. He played 79 matches during his career and made his red-ball debut for Australia back in January 1948 against India. With a run average of 48.41 and 21 centuries and 24 half-centuries, Harvey amassed 6149 runs. To score 1000 runs, he needed 14 innings.

Top 5 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

5. Vinod Kamble (India) – 14 Innings

Former Indian batsman Vinod Kamble is tied for the third fastest player to score 1000 runs in a test. The right-hander faced England in India’s Test debut in February 1993. He is the fastest Indian to achieve so, having completed 1000 test runs in just 14 tests. Kamble scored 1084 runs in 17 tests for India, with four centuries and three half-centuries, for a total of 1084 runs.

Top 5 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

Top 15 Fastest Players to 1000 Runs in Test Cricket History

Sl No Year Player Matches Innings Country
1 1925 Herbert Sutcliffe 9 12 England
2 1949 Sir Everton Decourcy Weekes 9 12 West Indies
3 1930 Sir Donald George Bradman 7 13 Australia
4 1950 Robert Neil Harvey 10 14 Australia
5 1994 VG Kambli 12 14 India
6 1939 Sir L Hutton 11 16 England
7 1951 FMM Worrell 10 16 West Indies
8 1974 LG Rowe 12 16 West Indies
9 1931 GA Headley 9 17 West Indies
10 1948 SG Barnes 11 17 Australia
11 2003 Graeme Craig Smith 12 17 South Africa
12 2015 Gary Simon Ballance 10 17 England
13 1924 Herbert Leslie Collins 12 18 Australia
14 1929 WR Hammond 12 18 England
15 1968 KD Walters 11 18  Australia


Who is the fastest player to reach 10000 runs in Test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar, a legendary Indian cricketer, also holds the record for the quickest time reaching 10,000 Test runs. In the 2005 match against Pakistan, he took part in 195 innings to reach the milestone. In terms of centuries and half-centuries, he holds the record for most Test runs.

Who got 1st 10000 runs in the test?

During a match against Pakistan in March 1987, Gavaskar became the first player to achieve 10,000 runs in a Test.

Who reached the 2000 Test faster?

DG Bradman of Australia, who played against South Africa in 22 innings, arrived in the 2000 Test earlier.

Who got to 14000 ODI runs the fastest?

In the second One-Day International against England, Steve Smith becomes the first Australian player to reach 14,000 runs in a single season.

Who scored the highest 401 in the Test match?

The best score in Test cricket and the only instance of a Test quadruple century was Lara’s 400 not out against England in 2004. It was his second Test triple-century.

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