A century can be considered a remarkable achievement in any format of cricket. But on many occasions in cricket history, batsmen were victims nineties. Today, we are talking about the Top 5 Batsmen with the Most Nineties in Test Cricket Career. Many of the memorable batsmen who have played many test cricket have been victimized most nineties in their test career. Australian former captain Steve Waugh victimized mot nineties in his test career. Here is the list of the Top 5 Batsmen with the Most Nineties in a Test Cricket Career.

Top 5 Batsmen with Most Nineties in Test Cricket Career

Top 5 Batsmen with Most Nineties in Test Cricket Career

Steve Waugh 10 Times 

In his 168 games as an Australian player, Steve. He is one of Australia’s most capable captains. Steve Waugh has 32 hundred in Test cricket, totaling 10,927 runs at an average of 51.06. One would assume that a player with such constant involvement would not experience difficulties reaching 100 after hitting the 90s, but this is obviously not the case. Ten times during his inning, Steve Waugh reached the nineties. On eight of those times, he was terminated, while on the other two, he was not. Waugh, who batted in the lower-middle order, had to play either extraordinarily defensively or, in certain situations, try for exceptionally quick runs and accept the risk.

Rahul Dravid 10 Times

“The Wall of India” is how people refer to Rahul Dravid. In test cricket, he has 36 hundred and 13288 runs at an average of 52.31. He has achieved five double centuries. Rahul continued to play defensively and became even more cautious after he entered the 90s. On nine occasions, he failed to finish in the 90s, and on one, he was successful.

Sachin Tendulkar 10 Times

Intellectuals and cricket lovers from all over the world consider Sachin Tendulkar to be the greatest player to have ever played the game. In both ODI and Test cricket, he scores the most runs. He has 15921 runs at an average of 53.79 in test cricket. The only cricketer with 200 test appearances is him. He set a world record by scoring 51 centuries. During the 90s, Sachin was dismissed an absurdly high number of times in both ODIs and tests. In test cricket, he was dismissed 10 times in the 90s. The statistics suggest that Sachin Tendulkar, who has achieved 100 centuries in international cricket, should be the last person to make fans anxious when he scores a century.

Michael Slater 9 Times 

Australia’s Michael Slater participated in 74 test matches. He ran for 5312 runs at a 42.84 average. Due to the anxious 90s syndrome, he missed out on a number of events and scored 14 centuries. Slater was renowned for his aggressive behavior and for having consistently lived and died by the sword. He consistently provided starters that assisted those who were taken after another in maximizing their profits. Regardless of the circumstance, he continually attacked the bowlers without regard for their individual successes. He had a reputation for dominating bowlers and slamming them all about the stop to single-handedly win matches. Slater missed nine opportunities in test cricket during the 90s as a result of his aggressive temperament.

Alvin Kallicharran 8 Times

West Indies player AI Kallicharran played in 66 tests. He is one of the best players for the West Indies. In Test cricket, Kallicharran has scored 12 hundred for 4,399 runs at an average of 44.43. A player who is so involved all the time might be expected to have no trouble reaching 100 after reaching the 90s, but this is obviously not the case. During his test career, Kallicharran made the 90s eight times. He was fired on eight of those occasions, but not on the other two. Kallicharran, who batted in the middle of the order, was forced to either play exceptionally well defensively or, in some circumstances, attempt to score incredibly quickly while taking a risk.

Top 10 Players with the Most Nineties in Their Test Career

Player Span M Runs Avg 100s 50s 90s
Steve Waugh (Australia) 1985-2004 168 10927 51.06 32 50 10
Rahul Dravid (India) 1996-2012 164 13288 52.31 36 63 10
Sachin Tendulkar (India) 1989-2013 200 15921 53.78 51 68 10
Michael Slater (Australia) 1993-2001 74 5312 42.83 14 21 9
Alvin Kallicharran (West Indies) 1972-1981 66 4399 44.43 12 21 8
AB de Villiers (South Africa) 2004-2018 114 8765 50.66 22 46 8
Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan) 1992-2007 120 8830 49.60 25 46 8
Mathew Hayden (Australia) 1994-2009 103 8625 50.73 30 29 7
Alastair Cook (England) 2006-2018 161 12472 45.35 33 57 7
Clem Hill (Australia) 1896-1912 49 3412 39.21 7 19 6


Who has the most 90s in Test cricket?

The most 90s in Test cricket are recorded by SR Waugh (Australia) 10 times.

Who has the most 90s in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar, the most well-known cricketer from India, has scored 10 times in tests and 18 times in ODIs. With a total of 28, he also holds the record for the most dismissals in international cricket during the 90s.

Who are the top 5 batsmen with the most nineties in Test cricket history?

Here is the list of the top 5 batsmen with the most nineties in test cricket history.

  • Steve Waugh (Australia)
  • Rahul Dravid (India)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (India)
  • Michael Slater (Australia)
  • Alvin Kallicharran (West Indies)

Who has the most 90s in Test cricket from Pakistan?

Younis Khan, a Pakistani batsman, has the most nineties in Test cricket.

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