The game of test cricket is very structured and monotonous. The test match’s slow pace makes it potentially boring. However, test match statistics are significant, and cricket fans continue to be fascinated by them. Based on the number of test matches played, the top 100 fastest wickets in test cricket history are mentioned here. These bowlers are genuine all-time greats who, through their outstanding performances and remarkable talent for hauling wickets in quick succession, have irrevocably changed the sport.

Top 10 Fastest 100 Wickets in Test Cricket History

George Lohmann (16 Test)

Based only on statistics, George Lohmann makes a strong case for being one of the greatest Test bowlers of all time. He was able to seam the ball both ways while bowling at a little faster than medium pace, and his constant experimentation led to changes in angle, flight, and velocity. His contemporaries thought he was the toughest opponent to beat. George Lohmann was a right-arm medium-fast bowler who competed in Test cricket from 1886 to 1896. His accuracy was exceptional, and he frequently bowled unplayable balls. Lohmann was also a competent batter and a star in the slips.

George Lohmann (16 Test)


Charlie Turner (17 Test)

Many of his contemporaries lauded Charlie Turner as “the best bowler of all time,” and for good reason. He got batters even on flat fields with his cutters, which slashed back off a length at an unexpected pace after landing just where he needed them to. Additionally, he made the ball slide and his off-cutters were quicker than his off-breaks. As he got older, he learned a rapid leg break and a yorker. Over a ten-year period, Turner took 101 wickets at an average of 16.53 runs each in 17 Test matches, all against England. Hugh Trumble’s 141 wickets at 20.88 in 32 Tests and Robert Peel’s 102 wickets at 16.81 are both significantly outperformed by this average.


Sydney Barnes (17 Test)

Sydney Francis Barnes is the epitome of a bowling freak if there ever was one. Based on his excellent statistics, accuracy, variation, and capacity to swing the ball both off the seam and in the air, Sydney Barnes is without a doubt one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history. It could be difficult to comprehend that Barnes bowled his greatest game. There isn’t much to pick between a series of outstanding performances that resulted in a total of 189 wickets in 27 Test matches at an average of 16.43. Of course, his brilliance went much beyond his recognition on a global scale.


Clarrie Grimmett (17 Test)

On December 25, 1891, Clarrie Grimmett was born in Dunedin. But he did go on to represent Australia, and he was the first leg-spinner to use the flipper to throw hitters off balance. He was renowned for his fruitful partnership with Bill O’Reilly as well. At first, Grimmett wanted to be a fast bowler, but after some time, he began to bowl leg spinners instead. After arriving in Australia, Grimmett started playing club cricket in Sydney.


Yasir Shah (17 Test)

 Yasir Shah is the fifth Top 10 fastest 100 wickets in test cricket history category. Afghan cricketer Yasir Shah is from Swabi, a town near the Afghan border. Yasir can bat a little bit but prefers to bowl leg spin. He looks up to Shane Warne and admires him. In September 2017, Yasir assisted the joint second-fastest bowler in reaching 150 Test wickets during the opening Test against Sri Lankan visitors. He accomplished the feat in 27 tests.

Top 10 Fastest 100 Wickets in Test Cricket History


Ravichandran Ashwin (18 Test)

Ravichandran Ashwin became the second-fastest bowler to 400 Test wickets when he dismissed Jofra Archer on day two of the third Test in Ahmedabad. Ashwin overcame Sir Richard Hadlee of New Zealand and Dale Steyn of South Africa, who were tied for second on the list. Together, the two played 80 Tests, with Ashwin winning his 400th in his 77th match. Muttiah Muralitharan reached the landmark in 72 tests.


Colin Blythe (19 Test)

A fantastically slow left-arm with excellent delivery and circling direction. His movement was fluid and quick, and he finished a few feet with a beautiful standing sideways-on conveyance. He threw the ball with enough twists to make any hitter foolish enough to try to hit it and high enough to energize a crash into a strong off-side field.


Alf Valentine (19 Test)

Valentine was chosen for the 1950 trip to Britain after winning a straightforward two-player game. In those games, he took two wickets with a strike rate of 95. In any case, John Goddard, the then-in-charge of the West Indies, insisted on his selection for the trip via Britain. Ramadhin and Valentine came out of nowhere to help the West Indies win a significant series in Britain by sharing 59 wickets with them.


Sir Andy Roberts (19 Test)

A gunfighter’s limiting of the eyes would be the only visible display of emotion, regardless of severity. Roberts achieved 100 Test wickets in the quickest time—less than two years—and his best years unquestionably occurred in the middle of the 1970s, before the Packer upheaval. Despite the fact that his experience and ability to move the ball kept him in Test cricket until 1983–1984, he eventually grew bored and his edge diminished.

Sir Andy Roberts (19 Test)


Ian Botham (19 Test)

Botham was not only the best cricketer for England in the 1980s but also the most well-liked sports figure. Before Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham, when football players were more understated, he generated many media headlines as his career reached amazing heights and seemingly insurmountable lows. His bowling appeared to be more run-in-and-hope by that point, but batsmen were still terrified by his early reputation until the very end. His batting was centered on solid foundations and tremendous strength. The odds of his marriage to Kath lasting more than 25 years were more than 500 to 1, but despite the fact that his post-cricket activities were usually turbulent and frequently mild, they have done so.


List of top 10 fastest 100 wickets in test cricket Name  country opposition matches
1 George Lohmann England South Africa 16
2 Charlie Turner Australia England 17
3 Sydney Barnes England Australia  17
4 Clarrie Grimmett Australia West Indies 17
5 Yasir Shah Pakistan West Indies 17
6 Ravichandran Ashwin India West Indies 18
7 Colin Blythe England South Africa 19
8 Alf Valentine West Indies England 19
9 Sir Andy Roberts West Indies England 19
10 Ian Botham England India  19


Who got the fastest 100 wickets in the Test?

On March 2, 1896, against South Africa, English bowler George Lohmann recorded the fastest 100 wickets in a Test.

Who got the fastest 100 wickets in the Test from Pakistan?

The fastest 100 Pakistani wickets in a test were taken by the leg spinner Yasir Shah.

Who has taken the fastest 300 Test wickets?

The late West Indian player Malcolm Marshall had the highest bowling average (20.94) among those who had reached the milestone, while Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin took the shortest amount of time (54 Tests) to reach the 300-wicket threshold.

Who took the fastest 700 wickets in the Test?

Shane Warne had the most wickets in an entire calendar year in international cricket. Any other bowler has yet to surpass the record, which now stands at 96 wickets. In terms of fastest bowlers to 700 Test cricket wickets, Warne is ranked second. The leader is Muttiah Muralitharan of Sri Lanka.

Who is the youngest to have 100 test wickets?

The youngest spinner to ever join the 100 test wickets was Daniel Vettori.

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