The International Cricket Council organizes the T20 World Cup, a prominent international tournament for Twenty20 cricket (ICC). The 2022 T20 World Cup is set to take place in the coming year. Pakistan, a two-time T20 global champion, has always been regarded as a formidable opponent in the competition. The team has the ability to go far in the tournament, thanks to a mix of seasoned players and fresh talents. However, making it to the semifinals is not certain, and the team will have to overcome a difficult group stage and knockout rounds. In this article, we will examine Pakistan’s chances of reaching the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinals, assessing their strengths and weaknesses as well as the teams they will encounter in the event.

Pakistan’s Chances of Reaching The Semifinal T20 World Cup

Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe and India, placing them in fifth place with nil points. Pakistan is listed after Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and India on the table.

South Africa and Zimbabwe each have three points after two games, while India has four points. Bangladesh has earned two points in its favor.
Pakistan must win all three of its remaining tournament games against the Netherlands, South Africa, and the Netherlands after bouts against South Africa and Bangladesh. Pakistan will just need one more defeat to be eliminated from semifinal contention.

Three straight victories wouldn’t be enough for Babar Azam’s club, though, as they would also need to rely on the performance of the opposition teams.

Pakistan's Chances of Reaching The Semifinal T20 World Cup

In order for Pakistan to win the Netherlands on Sunday, Bangladesh would need to defeat Zimbabwe, South Africa would need to lose to India, and Pakistan would win. India will be in the top with six points after Bangladesh with four, Zimbabwe with three, and Pakistan with two.

The Netherlands’ victory over Zimbabwe and India’s victory over Bangladesh on November 2 will be significant following Pakistan’s victory over South Africa on November 3 in Sydney.

India would have eight points in this scenario, Pakistan and Bangladesh each having four, South Africa having three, and Zimbabwe having three.

Every team in each group will play on November 6. Pakistan should triumph over Bangladesh while hoping that Zimbabwe is defeated by India and the Netherlands is defeated by South Africa.

If wishes were horses and Pakistan’s calculations were accurate. India would come out on top with 10 points, followed by Pakistan with 6 points, and South Africa with 5 points.

Pakistan in Trouble

Pakistan will be in trouble if South Africa wins India on Sunday. South Africa will have five points after defeating India, whereas India will only have four. India will compete against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, both of whom are teams that are picked to lose. The Netherlands will opponent South Africa, who is predicted to prevail.

As a result, Pakistan will have to pray for the Netherlands to defeat. Both South Africa and India as well as for Zimbabwe to defeat both of them in order for their NRR to rise if South Africa defeats India.

Pakistan’s situation is quite likely to become clear by Sunday night. So let’s pray that India wins once more and easily overcomes South Africa to keep Pakistan’s chances alive.

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