The T20 world cup is a shorter competition. The final four who advance to the semifinals are selected in two stages of the selection procedure. However, the most man of the match in the T20 World Cup is a pretty entertaining affair. Batsmen and bowlers who have the day off should take advantage of it.

With the T20 format becoming the smallest of them all, one could think that being a man of the match is difficult. Most of the time, the top-order batsman or bowler earns the recognizable award. Man of the match is a difficult award to obtain if you play in the middle or lower order.

However, in the T20 world cup, the player who takes two essential wickets or scores 30 significant runs may be named man of the match. As a result, trying to claim complete power of a particular skill set in T20 cricket is difficult. In this article, we will discuss the most man of the match in T20 World Cup.

Most Man of the Match in T20 World Cup

Most man of the match in T20 World Cup

1. Mahela Jayawardene (5 times) in 31 matches

Mahela Jayawardene was a perfect test batsman when he first entered the cricketing world. The capacity to explore the field and locate the boundary ropes. But his attitude improved speedily when he adjusted well to T20 cricket as well. Opening the batting, Mahela kept one end up effortlessly.

In the T20 World Cup, he tops the list of most men of the match. Jayawardene has done well for the Sri Lankan team in T20 cricket. Mahela has won five man-of-the-match awards in all 31 matches he has played in. To say the least, it’s incredible.

Most Man of the Match in T20 World Cup

With the bat, Jayawardene has also scored 1016 runs. An average of 39.08 exemplifies how good he is with the bat. Mahela, a great player who also won the title in 2014, tends to rule this list at the top.

2. Chris Gayle (5 times) in 33 matches

There are only a few records in T20 internationals that Chris Gayle will not break. When it happens to come to T20 cricket, this highly skilled left-handed batter knows a few things. The ability to bat big at the top of the order differentiates the man. He has played in 33 T20 World Cup games.

Chris has been able to hit 965 runs with the bat in total. Not to mention his multiple T20 World Cup centuries, which is a record in and of itself. Gayle has also won the man of the match award five times when it comes to T20 World Cups, demonstrating his class.

Most Man of the Match in T20 World Cup

A record that currently ranked as the highest on this list. Gayle used to be a fairly decent ball player as well. With the ball in hand, this big left-hander has taken ten wickets thanks to his ability to bowl off-spin. A precious all-rounder to have on the team.

3. Shane Watson (5 times) in 24 matches

When it comes to all-rounders, Shane Watson is among the best. His capability to open the bowling and bat in the T20 format helps to distinguish him. Watson handled the job for the Australian team with ease and a smile. Meanwhile, he has yet to win a T20 World Cup title.

Shane was an excellent opening batsman for Australia in the T20 World Cup. His ability to bowl at speeds of more than 140 kph is unusual. He appeared in 24 World Cup matches and batted in 22 innings. Watto has five man-of-the-match awards from those games.

Most Man of the Match in T20 World Cup

To admit, his bat and ball skills are simply amazing. Despite only scoring 537 T20 World Cup runs, 22 wickets with the ball in hand tend to mask a lot of flaws. If he doesn’t get you with the bat, he’ll certainly get you with the ball. It’s a sight to behold.

4. Virat Kohli (5* times) in 21 matches

How can the present excellent not be among the most important players in the T20 World Cup? Virat is known for stabilizing the team and scoring runs for enjoyment. He was named tournament man in both the 2014 and 2016 editions, displaying his skill level.

Meantime, the right-hander once served as captain of a successful T20 team. However, his loss of ability to win the title aggravated his situation. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, has played 21 matches in the tournament with the willow in his hand. 19 innings were played in those games, and he received five man-of-the-match awards.

Most Man of the Match in T20 World Cup

In regards to his consistency, Virat has scored 845 runs in the tournament with a highly precise and elegant average of 76.82. That will be difficult to top in the coming days. With a few more years left, the number of runs for the great batsman will simply add up.

5. AB De Villiers (4 times) in 30 matches

Mr 360 of cricket, who has innovated the game, AB De Villiers, also has the most man of the match awards in the T20 Worldcup. Although South Africa has yet to win a T20 World Cup title, this batter’s success has been fantastic, to say the least.

Ab spent most of his T20 cricket career in the middle order, and he did the same in the World Cups. Despite the increased pressure, AB triumphed with ease. AB has won the man of the match award four times in 30 matches and 29 innings batted, which is impressive.

Most Man of the Match in T20 World Cup

Aside from that, he has scored 717 runs with the bat. An average of 29.88 may not take your final breaths, but most of the time, it was his only contribution that made a difference for the team.

Most Man of the Match Awards in T20 World Cup All Time

Player Team M MOM
Mahela Jayawardene Sri Lanka 31 5
Chris Gayle West Indies 33 5
Shane Watson Australia 24 5
Virat Kohli India 21 5*
AB de Villiers South Africa 30 4
Shahid Afridi Pakistan 34 4
TM Dilshan Sri Lanka 35 4
M N Samuels West Indies 20 3
Yuvraj Singh India 31 3
Umar Gul Pakistan 24 3


Who has the most matches in T20 World Cup?

Former Sri Lanka captain and one of the most talented batsmen, Mahela Jayawardene, has been named man of the match five times in the T20 World Cup. He has been named the most valuable player in the T20 World Cup.

Which player played most T20 matches?

Rohit Sharma, the current India cricket team captain, and the opening batsman has played the most T20 matches with 124.

What is Super 12 in T20 World Cup?

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, and South Africa all qualified for the Super 12 phase of this tournament based on their performances in the 2021 tournament and rankings as of November 15, 2021.

What is a good T20 score?

In other words, any team scoring 165 points or higher has a 90 percent chance of winning the game. This appears to be true regardless of the relative team strengths. It’s also possible that the weaker team will bat first more frequently.


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