Whatever you call a half-century or a fifty, scoring the most fifties in a T20 league like the PSL with a reasonable strike rate is a difficult challenge. This is due to the fact that no other league can compete with the PSL’s bowling attack. PSL-born bowlers such as Hasan Ali, Naseem Shah, and Shaheen Afridi can make it extremely difficult for any batter to reach the threshold of 50 runs. To score more runs in the PSL, a batsman must be of the highest caliber, as was the case with Babar Azam.

In the PSL, Babar Azam has the most half-centuries with 23. His intelligence greatly outstrips his ability to reach these half centuries. No other batter has come close to matching Babar’s feat. As a result, it appears that he will continue to do so for some time.

The PSL statistics show that these half-centuries and centuries were scored by opening hitters, regardless of who scored the century or half-century. The explanation for this is straightforward: in the league’s T20 format, the opening hitter (top order) gets more opportunities to bat and has more time to develop that lower-order batsman.

Most Fifties in PSL

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Now let’s have a look at the top ten batters in Pakistan Super League with the most half-centuries.

List of Most Fifties in PSL History

Sr. # Player Inns 50s Avg. HS NO
01 Babar Azam 66 23 42 90* 09
02 Fakhar Zaman 63 16 31 106 01
03 Kamran Akmal 74 12 27 107* 02
04 Mohammad Rizwan 48 12 40 83* 12
05 Shoaib Malik 68 12 34 73 13
06 Luke Ronchi 31 10 36 94* 03
07 Ahmed Shehzad 43 09 26 99 02
08 Shane Watson 46 09 32 91* 04
09 Rilee Rossouw 49 08 30.78 100* 10
10 Umar Akmal 35 08 31 93 05

Babar Azam 23 Fifties in 66 Innings

Babar Azam holds the record for the most half-centuries scored in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). In 66 innings, he has scored 23 fifties, making him one of the top batsmen in the tournament. He has achieved this feat against all teams, with the exception of Islamabad United where he was unable to score a fifty in the one season he played there. Babar has had particular success against Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi, scoring the most fifties against these teams. His overall batting average in the PSL against all teams is over 20, which is an impressive accomplishment.

We shall now have a full examination of Babar Azam’s half-century. The following are Babar’s half-centuries against each team:

We can observe that most of Babar’s fifties came against Peshawar Zalmi.

We will now have a yearly seasonal half-century examination of Babar Azam.

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Babar Azam 1 5 3 5 7 2

We can see that Babar Azam has scored the most half-centuries for Karachi Kings in the PSL season 2021.

Fakhar Zaman 16 Fifties in 63 Innings

Fakahar Zaman has the most fifties in PSL wins, which is an astounding record in the Pakistan Super League. Fakhar Zaman had an impressive PSL season in 2020, with seven half-centuries and one century. In each season, how many half-centuries has he scored?

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Fakhar Zaman 1 1 3 2 2 7

Fakhar Zaman scored fifty points no matter who the opponent was. How many 50s has he scored against each team? Let us analyze.

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Kamran Akmal 12 Fifties in 74 Innings

Kamran Akmal scored the majority of Peshawar Zalmi’s half-centuries. He scored the majority of his PSL centuries in the UAE. He batted exceptionally well, amassing four fifties during the season. Let us now look at his prior year’s results.

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Kamran Akmal 2 4 3 1 2

All of his half-centuries were aimed at Peshwar Zalmi. Now we’ll look at his number of centuries against an opponent.

Kamran Akmal hit the most fifties in the PSL against Islamabad United and Karachi Kings.

Muhammad Rizwan 12 Fifties in 48 Innings

Muhammad Rizwan portrayed him as an iconic player in the 2022 PSL. He had seven fifties that season, which was one of the best performances in the PSL. His season analysis is as follows.

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Muhammad Rizwan 1 7 4

Muhammad Rizwan scored fifty points against all teams in the PSL. His most fifties came against United and Qalandars, with three fifties each.

PSL 07 will be remembered for Muhammad Rizwan’s outstanding cricket performance.

Shoaib Malik 12 Fifties in 68 Innings

Shoaib Malik holds several PSL records, including the most fifty-fives in PSL history. He has the most fifty-twos for Peshwar Zalmi. Malik’s efforts with Zalmi have been beneficial in a number of games. His PSL 50s for the year are as follows:

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Shoaib Malik 1 1 2 3 2 3

He scored fifty points against practically every PSL team. Against the Quetta Gladiators, he had the most 50s.

Luke Ronchi 10 Fifties in 31 Innings

Although Luke Ronchi is considered an underdog, the PSL has seen some of his best play. In addition to his catch records, he is one of the PSL players with the most half-centuries and fastest 50s. How many centuries has he scored against each of the PSL teams?

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Luke Ronchi 5 3 2

Luke Ronchi had a fantastic season in the PSL in 2018, scoring 05 fifties.
Ronchi was a steady performer for Islamabad United, as evidenced by the yearly statistics listed above.

Ahmed Shehzad 9 Fifties in 43 Innings

Despite being involved in multiple legal battles, Ahmed Shahzad’s PSL career demonstrates that he is one of the league’s top performers. The majority of Ahmed Shehzad’s fifties in PSL came for Quetta Gladiators. He scored half-centuries in the PSL against Zalmi, United, and Kings.

PSL 2019 was regarded as a successful season for Ahmed Shehzad, who hit the most fifties this season. His yearly results are as follows:

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ahmed Shehzad 2 3 4

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Shane Watson 9 Fifties in 46 Innings

Playing in the Pakistan Super League was a key milestone in Shane Watson’s career. He set several PSL records, including the most centuries, most sixes, and now the most fifties. Shane Watson hit eight fifties for Gladiators and one for Islamabad United.

Except for the Gladiators, he scored 50 runs against almost every team.

In PSL, we will now have the yearly seasonal study of Watson’s fifties records.

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Shane Watson 1 2 4 2

Watson had a fantastic season in the PSL 2019, as seen by his ability to score 04 fifties.

Rilee Rossouw 8 Fifties in 49 Innings

Rilee Rossouw batted for the Sultans and Gladiators, exciting their fans. He is also on the list of PSL players with the most centuries.
He batted exceptionally well in the PSL 07, scoring three fifties. His annual performance in previous PSL seasons is as follows:

He has caused problems for every PSL opposition team. He scored fifty points against all PSL teams.

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Rilee Rossouw 2 1 1 3

As a result, we can see from the data above how Rillley Rossouw has established himself as a brand player in the PSL.

Umar Akmal 8 Fifties in 35 Innings

Umar Akmal caused a lot of controversy in Pakistani cricket, yet he is still one of the best performers in terms of fifty scores in the PSL. He scored the most fifties for Qalandars in his PSL career, which are 05 in total. He scored 50 points against the whole PSL opposition.

Player 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Umar Akmal 4 1 2 1

So it’s apparent that Umar Akmal had a fantastic season in 2016 when the PSL was still in its infancy and few records were broken.

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Which player has the most fifties in PSL?

Former Karachi Kings captain Babar Azam holds the record for most 50 games in the Pakistan Super League, with Karam Akmal close behind.

Is PSL as good as IPL?

The PSL is a world-class league, but the IPL is without a doubt the best league in the world. There are no matches here (IPL and PSL) since, in the end, players from all over the world go to the IPL, which is the only league in which Indian players compete.

Why is PSL so popular?

Even though other leagues have been around for longer, the quality of cricket, engagement of young players, and structure of the games have helped make PSL one of the most competitive T20 cricket leagues in the world.

Who is the fastest bowler in PSL?

Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah had the quickest deliveries bowled in the PSL 2022. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is noted for its high bowling standards, and it has produced some of the fastest bowlers since its inception in 2016.

Who is the sixer king of cricket?

Chris Gayle has the most sixes in international cricket history, with 553 from 483 matches across all three formats.




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