Cricket is a game that world records make daily, especially in test international cricket. But some records are very exclusive than that others. Any team does not have the lowest score record in test cricket. The lowest score in international test cricket of all time is understood as a bad batting performance. Any team saves to avoid such a low-score record. Let’s discuss the lowest score in international test cricket of all time.

 Lowest Score in International Test cricket of All Time

Lowest Score in International Test cricket of All Time

New Zealand defeated England (26 all out) (Lowest ever in Test Cricket)

New Zealand received the lowest test score; it was against England in 1955 at Auckland. The Black Caps chose to bat first after winning the toss. With John Reid’s assistance, New Zealand scored 200 runs in their opening inning (73). The English team responded by scoring 246 runs, building a 46-run advantage after the first inning. Leonard Hutton scored 53 runs for them.

Nevertheless, it appeared as though the Black Caps, who were down by 46 runs, would shortly take the lead. But since it didn’t, England was able to win the game with just 46 runs. The lowest Test total in New Zealand history was achieved on their weakest batsmanship day. Only one hitter went above the 10-run threshold as they were bowled out for 26 runs. England triumphed by an inning and 20 runs as a consequence.

South Africa defeated England (30 all out)

Coincidentally, both teams participated in the identical scenario in 1894 and received the same score. South Africa won the toss and elected to bowl first in the game at Gqeberha. England got off to a poor start, scoring 185 runs in their first innings before being shut out. South Africa’s response saw the same difficulties and an all-out score of fewer than 100 runs. They scored 93 runs but gave England a 92-run advantage. In the innings, George Lohmann took seven wickets.

England batted admirably in their second innings, adding 226 runs to their 92-run advantage. In the fourth innings, they set South Africa a 318-run goal for them to reach. However, the Proteas had an even worse performance in the second inning after a poor showing in the first. They lost the game by 288 runs after being dismissed for just 30 runs in 18.4 overs. The team’s highest total was 10 runs. George Lohmann took eight wickets for England in the second innings as well.

South Africa loses to England (30 all out)

The lowest score was recorded during an England-South Africa game in Birmingham in 1924. The toss was won by South Africa, who requested that the English team bat first. In their opening innings, England batted exceptionally effectively and amassed 438 runs. In that inning, five English batsmen each achieved fifty runs. But with South Africa, that was not the case. In their opening innings, they had terrible at-bats.

As a result, they were all out for just 30 runs in 12.3 overs, giving up a first-innings advantage of 408 runs. No batter went over the 10-run threshold. In fact, 11 of the 30 runs were extras. They were so compelled to play again for the continuation. They did, however, hit strongly in the second inning, scoring 390 runs, but that was insufficient. That match was lost by South Africa by an inning and 18 runs.

Top 10 Lowest Scores in International Test cricket of All Time

Team Score Overs Inns Against Venue Date
New Zealand 26 27.0 3 England Auckland 25 Mar 1955
South Africa 30 18.4 4 England Gqeberha 13 Feb 1896
South Africa 30 12.3 2 England Birmingham 14 Jun 1924
South Africa 35 22.4 4 England Cape Town 1 Apr 1899
South Africa 36 23.2 1 Australia Melbourne 12 Feb 1932
Australia 36 23.0 2 England Birmingham 29 May 1902
India 36 21.2 3 Australia Adelaide 17 Dec 2020
Ireland 38 15.4 4 England Lord’s 24 Jul 2019
New Zealand 42 39.0 1 Australia Wellington 29 Mar 1946
Australia 42 37.3 2 England Sydney 10 Feb 1888


What is the lowest score in international cricket?

Only 26 is the lowest total in test cricket history. New Zealand scored this record-breaking point against England in Auckland in 1955.

What is the lowest score ever made in Test cricket?

Therefore, 229 is currently the lowest score ever achieved on a test. For the record, 238. 245. 248. and 249 are the only other scores below 250 that have never been recorded on a Test. Unsurprisingly, 0 (7368 occasions, including not-outs) is the most frequent score in tests, followed by 1 (2963).

When was the lowest score recorded in international Test cricket?

Only 26 is the lowest total in test cricket history. New Zealand scored this record-breaking record against England in Auckland in 1955.

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