As the draught for the third season of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) took place on Tuesday, Pakistani players were in high demand. Imad Wasim, Asif Ali, and Shoaib Malik received significant contracts, and six additional Pakistani athletes were selected in the draught.

A total of 353 players signed up for the draught, and each of the five franchises was permitted to select a roster of up to 20 players, with a maximum of six foreign players. 180 foreign players and 173 Sri Lankan current and former cricketers participated in the draught.

List of Pakistani Players Picked in Lanka Premier League 2022

LPL 2022: Nine Pakistani cricketers picked, Imad among most expensive picks

The top category in the draught, “International Ruby,” saw the Galle Gladiators select Imad Wasim. The pre-draft retainer for the international ruby division is $60,000. Colombo Stars and Galle Gladiators respectively chose Asif Ali and Faheem Ashraf in the International Sapphire category with a retainer of $50,000.

List of Pakistani Players Picked in Lanka Premier League 2022

Jaffna Kings chose to keep talented young players Azam Khan, Shahnawaz Dahani, and Haider Ali in the International Diamond B division while keeping Shoaib Malik in the International Diamond A group.

As a result of being chosen for the International Platinum category, Sarfaraz Ahmed and Usman Shinwari also received contracts.

The third iteration of the LPL is slated to start in Colombo and Hambantota the first week of August, with the championship game taking place on August 21 in Colombo.

The following is a list of the Pakistani athletes selected in the LPL draught:

Player Team Category Retainer
Imad Wasim Galle Gladiators International Ruby $60,000
Faheem Ashraf Galle Gladiators International Sapphire $50,000
Asif Ali Colombo Stars International Sapphire $50,000
Shoaib Malik Jaffna Kings International Diamond A $40,000
Azam Khan Galle Gladiators International Diamond B $25,000
Haider Ali Dambulla Giants International Diamond B $25,000
Shahnawaz Dahani Jaffna Kings International Diamond B $25,000
Sarfaraz Ahmed Galle Gladiators International Platinum $15,000
Usman Shinwari Kandy Falcons International Platinum $15,000




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