There have been a lot more high-scoring ODI matches as a result of players’ batting abilities having significantly increased in international cricket during the previous five to ten years. Due to the tiny boundaries and batsmen-friendly rules that have shifted the game more in their favor, the highest team score in an ODI has consistently exceeded 400. In the history of One Day International matches, a team has surpassed 400 runs 21 times.

Highest ODI Score for England

The highest team score in an ODI was 498 runs, which England against the Netherlands on June 17, 2022, at Amstelveen. Liam Livingstone and Jos Buttler’s ferocious innings enabled England to tally a whopping 498 runs. In the game, Jos Buttler scored 162 runs, and Liam Livingstone added 66 runs in just 22 balls.

Note that England scored the top three highest ODI totals, breaking their own records in the same month of June after four years.

Highest Team Score in ODI Match Ever (World Record)

England defeated Australia at Nottingham on June 19, 2018, and scored 481 runs, which is the second-highest ODI team score ever. Jonny Bairstow and Alex Hales’ ferocious innings contributed to England’s massive 481-run total. In that game, Johnny Bairstow struck out 139 runs and Alex Hales added 147 runs. That game was won by England by 242 runs.

The third-highest ODI team score is the 444 runs England added against Pakistan at Nottingham on August 30, 2016. Alex Hales was the star of the game once more after scoring 171 runs off 122 balls while hitting 22 boundaries and four sixes. Sri Lanka scored 443 runs against the Netherlands at Amstelveen on July 4, 2006, which is the third-highest total ever. The first 400+ total in an ODI was recorded by Australia against South Africa on March 12, 2006, in Johannesburg.

Highest ODI Score for India

India reached 400 runs for the first time in an ODI against Bermuda at Port of Spain on March 19, 2007. With his stormy inning of 114 runs off 87 balls, three sixes, and 17 boundaries, Virendra Sehwag contributed to India’s 413 total. The Indian side then added 414 more runs versus Sri Lanka at Rajkot on December 15, 2009, two years later. The highest team score for India in an ODI was 418 runs against the West Indies on December 8, 2011, at Indore. Virendra Sehwag played a fantastic inning in that game, scoring 219 runs to push the total to 418 runs.

List of The Highest Team Scores in ODI

Team Runs Against Venue Date
England 498 Netherlands Amstelveen 17 Jun 2022
England 481 Australia Nottingham 19 Jun 2018
England 444 Pakistan Nottingham 30 Aug 2016
Sri Lanka 443 Netherlands Amstelveen 4 Jul 2006
South Africa 439 West Indies Johannesburg 18 Jan 2015
South Africa 438 Australia Johannesburg 12 Mar 2006
South Africa 438 India Mumbai 25 Oct 2015
Australia 434 South Africa Johannesburg 12 Mar 2006
South Africa 418 Zimbabwe Potchefstroom 20 Sep 2006
India 418 West Indies Indore 8 Dec 2011
England 418 West Indies St George’s 27 Feb 2019
Australia 418 Afghanistan Perth 4 Mar 2015
India 414 Sri Lanka Rajkot 15 Dec 2009
India 413 Bermuda Port of Spain 19 Mar 2007
Sri Lanka 411 India Rajkot 15 Dec 2009
South Africa 411 Ireland Canberra 3 Mar 2015
South Africa 408 West Indes Sydney 27 Feb 2015
England 408 NZ Birmingham 9 Jun 2015
India 404 SL Kolkata 13 Nov 2014
New Zealand 402 IRE Aberdeen 1 Jul 2008
India 401 SA Gwalior 24 Feb 2010

The highest team score for New Zealand was 402 runs versus Ireland on July 1, 2008, in Aberdeen. The highest runs total Pakistan has ever recorded was 399 versus Zimbabwe on July 20, 2018, in Bulawayo. On February 27, 2019, at St. George’s, West Indies scored their best team total in an ODI against England, adding 389 to the scoreboard. On June 20, 2019, Bangladesh scored 333 runs against Australia at Nottingham, setting a new record.

Most 400 Score in ODI

The most 400+ run innings have been scored six times by South Africa, five by India, five for England, two each by Sri Lanka and Australia, and one each by New Zealand.

West Indies, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have never been able to reach the 400-run mark on the scoreboard.

Team Times
South Africa 6
India 5
England 5
Sri Lanka 2
Australia 2
New Zealand 1

Most 450 Runs in ODI

Only England has scored 450+ runs twice, making them the only side to do so.

Team Times
England 2


Which team has the highest ODI score?

The highest team ODI score in one-day international cricket is currently held by the England cricket team. As they defeated the Netherlands on June 17, 2022, at the VRA Cricket Ground, Amstelveen, scored 498 runs while losing 4 wickets.

Which team scored the most 400 in ODI?

A world record of 400 runs was made by South Africa in one-day international cricket. South Africa exceeded this number by six times.

Who is the fastest 50 in ODI?

In ODI cricket, AB de Villiers holds the record for the fastest 50, needing just 16 balls to accomplish the milestone. It happened during South Africa’s second game at Johannesburg versus the West Indies in 2015.

Who hit 200 runs in ODI?

India’s Sachin Tendulkar was the first player to record a double century. On February 24, 2010, in Gwalior’s Captain Roop Singh Stadium, he amassed 200 unbeaten runs against South Africa.

Who is the fastest 4000 runs in ODI?

Hashim Amla played 81 innings for South Africa. Hashim Amla, a former captain of South Africa, retired as one of the game’s top batters. The quickest player to 4,000 ODI runs is him.

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