One-day international cricket is popular around the world, particularly in the subcontinent. Every day, new world records are set in international cricket. Bowlers generally cast magical spells that last a long time. In this aspect, I should stand in for the Best Bowling Figures in an ODI Match. These top bowling figures not only transformed the game but are also etched in history. Let us now describe the best bowlers in this area.

List of Best Bowling Figures in ODI Match All Time

1. Chaminda Vass 8/19 (SL)

Chaminda Vass is the former left-arm fast bowler of Sri Lanka. He played all formats of international cricket in Sri Lanka. Vass is always described as the greatest fast bowler in Sri Lanka. He was famous for his highly accurate lines, lengths, and capability of swinging the ball. He was the youngest bowler of ODI cricket and took 300 wickets. Vaas broke various world records in ODI. He holds the record for best bowling figures in ODI 19/8. He is the only bowler who takes 8 wickets in ODI Cricket.

Chaminda Vass (SL)

2. Shahid Afridi 7/12 (Pak)

Shahid Afridi is the greatest all-rounder of limited cricket. He held many world records in ODI cricket. Afridi was also a world record holder in ODI Cricket, making the fastest ODI century in just 37 bowls. Afridi occupied this world record for 17 years. He held another world record in ODI. Afridi hit the most sixes in ODI Cricket history. He showed his performance in bowling. The former captain has taken 395 wickets in ODI Cricket. His best bowling figure in ODI is 7/12.

Shahid Afridi

3. Glenn McGrath 7/15 (Aus)

McGrath is the right-arm former fast bowler of Australia. He played 14 years of international cricket. This Australian bowler is considered the greatest bowler in international cricket history. McGrath was very familiar with his accurate line and length. He has taken 71 wickets in ODI World Cups which is a world record. He was nominated to the ICC Hall of fame in January 2013.McGrath’s best bowling is 15 runs for 7 wickets.

Glenn McGrath (Aus)

4. Rashid Khan 7/18 (Afg)

Rashid Khan is a leg-break spin bowler from Afghanistan. He became the youngest cricketer to be the captain to test matches at the age of 20 years and 350 days. In June 2017, he took the best bowling figure of 18 for 7 in an ODI match. He became the youngest bowler in ICC Bowling Ranking in February 2018. Rashid is the youngest and the fastest bowler and took 100 wickets in ODI. He played 44 ODI matches for 100 wickets. He broke the previous record of 52 matches by Mitchel Strack of Australia.

Rashid Khan (Afg)

5. Andy Bichel 7/20 (Aus)

Andy Bichel played 67 ODI matches for Australia between 1997 till 2004. He was a right-arm medium-fast bowler. He started his international career against West Indies. In the 2003 world cup campaign, he initially supported Brett Lee and the 2003 world cup, he played his first game against the Netherlands and good performance with the ball. Australia was troubled on more than one occasion in England in the 2007 ODI World Cup,
He took 7 wickets for 20 runs. He is his best ODI figure.

Andy Bichel (Aus)

6.Muttiah Muralidaran 7/30 (SL)

Muttiah Muralidaran is a cricket coach for the Sri Lankan international team and a member of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. He is the most successful bowler in international cricket. The magic spinner is the only test bowler who had taken 800 wickets and 530 ODI wickets. Muralidaran started his ODI international journey against India on 12th August 1993. He took 1 wicket for 38 runs in this match. Muralidaran had captured 7 for 30 against India in Sharjah on 27th October 2000. He was the best bowling figure at that time.

Muttiah Muralidaran (SL)

7. Tim Southee 7/33 (NZ)

Tim Southee is a right-arm fast-medium bowler from New Zealand. He played all formats of cricket. He is the 3rd New Zealand bowler who has taken 300 test wickets. Southee is well known for late outswing and later off-cutting slow bowls. Southee took 18 wickets at 17.33 in the 2011 ICC ODI World Cup. The Kiwi fast bowler was also much impressed in the 2015 world cup. He took 7 wickets against England due to this performance he was named Wisden’s ODI spell of the decade. His best bowling figure is 7/33 against England.

Tim Southee (NZ)

8. Trent Boult 7/34 (NZ)

Trent Boult is a New Zealand international cricketer who plays as a bowler. He is the 3rd of a bowler of New Zealand who takes a hat-trick in an ODI. Boult is also the first bowler of the blackcaps to take a hat-trick in the ODI World Cup. He was the wicket-leading bowler in the 2015 ICC ODI World Cup. Boult has played 93 ODI matches and taken 169 wickets. This is well ODI record of him. Boult’s best performance is 7 for 34.

Trent Boult (NZ)

9. Waqar Younis 7/36 (Pak)

Waqar Younis is the former captain of the Pakistan International Cricket Team. He is regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in international cricket history. The Pakistani former captain is able to reverse the swing ball at his speed. He played 262 ODI matches and took 416 wickets during his career. Waqar is the only bowler in ODI who has taken 5 wickets in 3 consecutive matches. Waqar is the younger bowler to take 400 wickets in ODI. The former fast bowler is included in the top ten of all time based on ICC Ranking. He has taken 5 wickets in an ODI match 13 times which is another world record by Waqar Younis. His best performance is 7/36 against England.

Best Bowling Figures in ODI Match

10. Aqib Javid 7/37 (Pak)

Aqib Javid was a right-arm fast-medium pace bowler. His ability was to swing the ball both ways. He played 163 ODI for Pakistan from 1988 to 1998. Aqib was a member of the 1992 ODI-winning World Cup team. His performance was much impressive against India. He had taken 6 men of the match in ODI and 4 were against India. Aqib had taken a hat-trick against India on 25th October 1991. He had taken 7/37 in this match which is the best performance for him.

Aqib Javid

Best Bowling Figures in ODI Match All-Time List

Bowler Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Econ Team Opposition
WPUJC Vaas 8.0 3 19 8 2.37 Sri Lanka Zimbabwe
Shahid Afridi 9.0 3 12 7 1.33 Pakistan West Indies
GD McGrath 7.0 4 15 7 2.14 Australia Namibia
Rashid Khan 8.4 1 18 7 2.07 Afghanistan West Indies
AJ Bichel 10 0 20 7 2.00 Australia England
M Muralidaran 10 1 30 7 3.00 Sri Lanka India
TG Southee 9.0 0 33 7 3.66 New Zealand England
TA Boult 10 3 34 7 3.4 New Zealand West Indies
Waqar Younis 10 0 36 7 3.6 Pakistan England
Aqib Javid 10 1 37 7 3.7 Pakistan India


Who took 9 wickets in ODI?

Any bowler has not taken 9 wickets in an ODI match yet.

Who has the best ODI bowling figures for India?

STR Binny has the best bowling figure for India 4/6 against Bangladesh.

Which bowler has the best bowling figures?

Chaminda Vass has the best bowling figure in the ODI match 19/8.

Who holds the record for best bowling figures on an ODI debut?

South African fast bowler holds the best bowling figures record for an ODI debut 16/6.

Which bowler has the best economy?

Joel Garner has the best economy bowler 3.09 in 98 matches.

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